This website,, is managed by company MOLK SREČKO, UNIKATNI OBLIKOVALEC, s.p.

Company information

short name: Srečko Molk, s.p.
address: Levanjci 19A, 2253 Destrnik
registration number: 2412934000
tax identification number: SI79678637
Bank account: SI56 1010 0005 1970 946 opened at the ABANKA
The company was registered in the Business Register of Slovenia on 1.1.2011.

General terms and conditions have been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and other legislation that addresses internet selling. Terms are dealing with the operation of the website and the bussiness relationship between med Molk Srečko, unikatni oblikovalec, s.p. (hereinafter reffered as Srečko Molk), registered users (hereinafter addressed as users) and buyers of goods and services (hereinafter reffered as buyers).

1. General information about Srečko Molk is a website, where you can buy jewellery and other fashion accessories of the brand Srečko Molk.

2. Our offers and origins

Offers that are on a website, can change daily, due to nature of bussines. Prices are regular, special prices or with discount.

Srečko Molk is responsible for the quality of goods or services, and responds to any complaints or consequences that might arise. Srečko Molk is fully responsible for the provision of service or sale of goods, and also for any related potential complaints.

Photos, pictures or videos that are published in the online store are property of Srečko Molk and represent actual products. All products are original and handmade.

3. Purchase and invoice

Srečko Molk is a company that offers goods and services via internet.

Buyer payes the amount to Srečko Molk. Invoice is sent to buyer along with ordered goods or services.

4. Ways of payment

Purchase on a website is safe, simple and comfortable. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that its information are correct and true, regardless of the payment method.

We provide the following payment methods:

  • Payment on delivery
    • The user enters the required information and choose to pay on delivery. Product is then sent to selected address or is acquired in the art studio. The buyer pays on the delivery, and in case of delivery by mail pays also for postage and bank fees of Post of Slovenia.
      Price of postage is 4.30€ but bank fees of Post of Slovenia are different based on the amount of order. The amount of commission is as followed: if the amount is less than 96,00 €, the provision is 0,96, if the amount of order is between 96,00 € and 501,00 € then the provision amounts to 1% of the value, if the amount is more than 501,00 € then the provision amounts to 5,01 €.
  • Deposit to a bank account
    • When choosing a payment method, the costumer selects the method of paying by invoice. Once the order is confirmed and submitted, the customer will get all necessary information along with the confirmation email. After that the costumer performs the payment independently of the system. Purchase is activated only when Srečko Molk recieves the payment, that usually means one working day after the payment was performed (if the payment was performed till 3pm), or two working days if the payment was performed at post office. After the payment has been made, the costumer gets the products and invoice.
  • Payment through Paypal or with the credit cards
    • When selecting this kind of payment, the costumer pays for his products immediately. When the site redirects him to Paypal system, he just has to choose the way of payment (paypal account or credit cards which is also supported) and fill in the right information.

 Sould you encounter any problems with the payment, contact the information department by email: or by phone +386 40368127.

Ways of payment listed above are valid on all offers unless stated otherwise.

We reserve the right to limit ways of payment at certain offers to just one way of payment or any combination of payments. Such a change will be clearly stated in the offer.

All orders are stored on server in electronic form and are available to customer at any time in his user profile (My orders).

5. Price of the offer

All prices of products or services are predetermined with VAT included. Prices are valid for all costumers but only for the duration of each offer and in case of payments stated in these terms and only on this website.

Prices are valid since the product has been published. We reserve the right to change the price.

Prices are rounded to two decimal places (1 cent).

With the registration visitor/buyer becomes the user and acquire the right to buy and access all the other information on website.

Distance contract between the provider and the customer is concluded at the moment when the provider confirms the order. From that moment, all prices and other terms and conditions are confirmed and apply as for the provider as for the costumer too.

6. The process of registration and purchase on website

In order for a user to shop in Srečko Molk online store, he must register. Users submit their personal data, electronic address, shipping address and other requested information. Username is granted by Srečko Molk and represents a user’s email address. The user can starts buying only when he is registered.

  • In order of buying products or services you need to be registered.
  • User can decide for a product or more, choose the way of payment and make the purchase.
  • The user can always see all the orders made at section My Account.
  • All informations about the purchase are also sent to a costumer on his email address.
  • Products are purchased after the payment has been made in the right way.
  • Deadlines for payments:
    • when paying with credit card or PayPal -IMMEDIATELY
    • when paying on the post office or bank – PAYMENT NO LATER THAN TO RETURN TO SENDER
    • when paying on delivery – PAYMENT WHEN RECEIVING THE PACKAGE.
  • Srečko Molk reserve the right to remove the product from online store due to any reason possible.
  • The abuse of purchase is considered a criminal offense.

After submitting the order, the customer receives an e-mail notification that the order has been accepted to the queue. The buyer has right to withdraw from a distance contract until the goods are dispatched. The order has to be canceled via email to ). It is necessary to provide the number of order in the cancellation email and email address used at cancellation must match the email address which was used for confirmation of the order. If the buyer does not cancel the contract, then the order goes under further processing. Provider can call the costumer on his contact phone number, if he wish to verify the information about order or delivery. Upon confirmation of the order, provider shall inform the customer by e-mail. Contract to purchase the ordered products between buyer and supplier is at this stage definitively concluded. Details on distance contracts are always available on the website where client access his profile page with a username and password that he acquires at registration. Prices are valid at the time of confirming the order.’; document.write(”); document.write(addy_text86463); document.write(‘<\/a>’); //–>\n

7. Safety of paying with credit cards

Payment with credit cards is available through PayPal system, which enables that method for users that don’t have a registered PayPal account. This way of payment works through a third party system and doesn’t affect the website.

8. Protection of personal data

On the registration or on making the purchase, the buyer allows the Srečko Molk company to collect, process and store the personal data in accordance with the Law of protecting the personal data.

Srečko Molk will be providing care and will protect personal information in accordance with the legislation.

All data are collected based on personal agreement of a user for a indefinite period of time, unless the Law predicts differently.

Personal data is collected for the purpose of smooth execution of orders, communication with customers, statistical analysis in order to improve website performance and services and, if the customer chooses so, to send notices, news and offers (via GSM device, e-mail-a, in writing to his postal address).

We collect the data listed below: IP address, name, postal address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, time and date of the registration and also the archive of communication data with online store.

The company Srečko Molk respects the privacy of users of the website and commits itself to take care of the personal data obtained. Personal data won’t be given to third parties without consent, and won’t be used otherwise than exclusively for the above mentioned purposes, except in cases where the information will be requested by the competent national authority. Which means that there is a legal basis for that and a suspicion of criminal offense.

The user itself is also responsible for the protection of personal data in a manner that provides the security of his username, password and the approppriate software to protect the personal computer.

The collection of personal data is registered on the website of the Information Commissioner (

9. Communication with users

Communication with users is conducted through the website and via email messages (through means of communicating on the distance), in exceptional cases via telephone or by mail. Communication with users can be also conducted via social networks, on which users can find the profiles Wooden Jewellery by Srečko Molk or Srečko Molk.

The user can find the specific offer on the website or through advertisements in print, electronic or online media.

Offers on a website will be constructed in a way that will be clear in its message and it will be evident what are we offering and what are the conditions of acquiring it.

The user can register for receiving news and other notices via email and can also deregister. Notifications include information about current or future offers, the promotion of a brand Srečko Molk and other advertisements from Srečko Molk or any of its partners. Newsletters are getting those users who gave their personal consent.

10. General informations for users

On the website you can find information about the company that manages the site. This information contains name and place of business, contacts and other necessary information, at least those required by law.

Users will also find all information of products, delivery, validity of offers and all other relevant data.

Users who have any questions relating to our offers may ask questions through the website, via e-mail, telephone, or through social networks. Way of asking the reasons to own a website in a social network or otherwise. Srečko Molk can also publish these questions along with answers. Srečko Molk reserves the right to delete comments that are offensive, illegal, immoral or criminal.

All questions and other comments are representing the opinions of their authors and Srečko Molk is not responsible for them.

All questions about the offers or other questions can be written via email address or via phone on number +386 40368127 from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 5pm.

11. Complaints and conflicts

All comments or complaints will be resolved in the shortest possible time and at the same time we will respect the legislation (Consumer Protection Act) and do our best to reach an agreement.

Users can use the contacts listed below:

  • in writing to a postal address Srečko Molk, Levanjci 19A, 2253 Destrnik
  • in writing to the email address
  • by phone on number +386 40368127

The procedure is confidential. If an agreement is not possible, potential conflicts will be settled with help of the competent court in Ptuj.

Complaints related to quality or any other arising problem shall be settled between the buyer and Srečko Molk.

12. The discharge of responsibility

Website works as the online store. Despite efforts to maximize the accuracy of offers it may happen that data about products and their prices can change so quickly, that we may fail to fix it. In that case the company will notify the costumer if such products were ordered and allow him to make changes or cancel the purchase.

We reserve the right to typographical errors and errors resulting from malfunctioning of a website technical system.

The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by the customer.

13. Costumer rights

It is considered, that purcahse is made through the distance contract. Language in which tha contract is concluded is slovenian.

The buyer may request (in writing, by email, by phone or in person) the distance contract at any time. It can be sent by mail ot his postal address or in electronic form via email or it can be acquired in the art studio.

The costumer has the right to withdrawn from the contract without being required to give a reason for its decision, in 15 days after confirmming the order. If the products were already paid for, the company shall refund the purchase within fifteen days after getting the notice of withdrawal. Shipping costs are not included in the refund.

If the buyer has already received the goods, he has the right to return the products within 15 days after the products were delivered. Products need to be returned in an original and unopened package. In fifteeen days after receiving the package, Srečko Molk shall refund the purchase. Shipping costs are not included.

Goods can be replaced even in case of sending the wrong product by mistake. Money will be returned just after we receive the wrong product back.

If returning the goods, the costumer entirely covers shipping costs.

14. Delivery

/*Opredeli roke za dostavo naročil*/

  • Package will be delivered within the agreed time.
  • Partner for delivering the packages is Pošta Slovenije.
  • Amount of shipment is 4.20€, VAT included.
  • Our partner delivers packages in the morning on the specified address.
  • Because our delivery service deliver products mostly in the morning, you can choose any other address where we can find you at the time of delivery.
  • If you are not at the specified place, the delivery man will leave a message with the details for the later acquisition.
  • If the costumer does not receive the products within couple of days from shipment, he has to inform the provider immediately.
  • In that case, the provider determine the causes and informs the customer.
  • It is also possible to acquire the products in the art studio Srečko Molk.

Shipping damages

The costumer has to review the contents of the shipment. In case of damage on the product, he is responsible to send the whole package back to the address of Srečko Molk, who will provide the alternative.

Last changes of the terms and conditions: september 2013